West Cambourne Phase 1 Infrastructure

West Cambourne Phase 1 Infrastructure

  • Client:

    Cambourne West Consortium

  • Location:

    A1198, Caxton, Cambourne

  • Sector:


  • Project Value:


Project Scope

  • Site clearance
  • Earthworks
  • Network of segregated carriageway, pedestrian & cycle route
  • Sustainable surface water drainage systems
  • Foul water drainage
  • Foul pumping station and 3km of rising main
  • Retaining walls in new ponds
  • Three new access points at Sheepfold Lane and on A1198

Project Overview

The Cambourne West Consortium gained consent to create a thriving, vibrant and sustainable community with approval to develop up to 2,350 residential & retail units along with offices, community, leisure facilities and three schools. The development would be a collection of three new neighborhoods called Sheepfold, Swansley Park and Woodfield.

The infrastructure would facilitate convenient access to existing and proposed employment areas, and a network of safe, accessible streets and off-road pedestrian and cycle paths to encourage non-motorised transport, and to support sustainable transport methods.

ECL was appointed as the Principal Contractor to deliver the first phase of infrastructure to complete Sheepfold and begin Swansley Park.

On project initiation we set-up a public relations communication plan to liaise with local residents and businesses in advance of works and to maintain communications whilst works continued. Two-way communication was essential and promoted through the use of information boards, social channels, email and letter drops. Residents were able to easily get in touch and everyone was kept up to date with the project progression.

Cambourne site closed for 7 weeks due to COVID. During this setback, we develop and deploy an interactive training portal to ensure everyone could digest new health & safety measures and make certain our compounds were able to remain open without further outbreaks of the virus on-site.

Project Challenges

Revised on-site health and safety measures due to COVID included strict social distancing guidelines, one-way walkway systems, staggered break times, and additional hygiene facilities. The project saw the revision of pre-planned road closures to support teachers gaining school access. A temporary haul road to the school was constructed for use by authorised staff until the permanent road was completed. Ecology - A natural reserve for newts and a badger sett was encountered whilst excavating a trench through a pedestrian area, The mitigation proposal called for the installation of newt exclusion fencing and pitfall traps along with the installation of artificial nests for the badger sett and the creation of newt ponds to facilitate their safe relocation.

Project Outcome

We swiftly responded to a request to reduce dust levels at Swanley Farm. Dust monitors were installed, revised dust suppression techniques were incorporated and on-site toolbox talks to brief the workforce executed to ensure all considerations were met to deal with the issue and everyone was kept safe. Throughout the project, ECL's workforce provided better, more cost-effective project solutions without compromise to performance. The installation of bentonite liners as opposed to puddle clay and the redesign of the vegetated bag work system delivered added value to the scheme in time and costs.

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