Land Remediation

Land remediation and stabilisation

Land remediation and stabilisation comprise a series of processes that aim to return the land to a clean and safe condition. This type of work may be used to return brownfield sites to a more natural state, or it may also be used to convert previously unusable or contaminated land into a space suitable for development.

The condition of the site in need of remediation could be the result of many different factors. For example, it could have once been an industrial site that is now covered in remnants of hazardous waste. Issues such as high water tables or soil degradation could also be culprits.

Whatever the cause of the land degradation, getting the site back to a usable condition requires specialist knowledge and expert capabilities.

As a leader in the UK civil engineering and infrastructure sector, ECL is an ideal choice for carrying out a wide range of groundworks and excavation projects, and we have particular experience in remediation and stabilisation services.

Our people & technology

ECL always looks to the future. Investing in our people and machinery ensures that we’re at the forefront of the industry with the knowledge, skills and ability to carry out works that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Customer service

Our self-delivery strategy includes customer service, both during and after a project. ECL is unique, offering a dedicated customer service department in addition to our mobile customer service teams, who visit sites regularly to ensure the best possible service.

Safety above all

We’re committed to the safety of our employees and anyone who may encounter our services, whether they are clients or the public. Our industry-leading safety record is testament to our continued investment in new technology. This combined with our policies, procedures and regular training creates a safe environment for all.

Certification and accreditation

ECL has achieved a number of industry standards, including SMAS Worksafe and CHAS accreditations, as well as ISO 18001 accreditation, a result of our dedication to health and safety.

Land remediation and stabilisation Services 

Every project is different and will require a unique approach, our highly trained team has the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to carry out even the most complicated projects. We take great pride in overcoming the toughest challenges, and our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Surveying and sampling
  • Contamination analysis and classification
  • Developing strategies
  • Excavation
  • Haulage
  • Soil remediation treatments
  • Safe disposal of contaminated soil
  • Asbestos surveys and removals

Remediation and stabilisation services can be delivered on a standalone basis, or as part of a bigger project of enabling works. Once works are completed you will receive a report describing the contaminants found and the remediation methods used, including waste disposal documentation.

Civil Engineering Services

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