Enabling Works

Enabling Works

Enabling works is the very first step in most construction projects. It covers activities from site preparation, and building access routes to putting up safety signs and installing security fencing.

Our commitment to getting the job done right ensures that construction teams and materials can enter and start work safely and efficiently whilst nearby communities remain protected and able to function unencumbered.

No matter the size of the project, ECL’s extensive plant machinery, expertise and highly trained staff can efficiently deliver enabling works for a wide range of projects, to your specific deadlines.

Drawing on the multi-disciplinary skill set of our teams, our transparent, honest approach, and a client-centred focus, ensures that we will exceed your expectations time and time again.

Full self-delivery service

From consultation to delivery, when you use ECL you get ECL. Our self-delivery service means our people and our equipment give you the best price, faster turnaround, and a safer working environment, every time.

Drone surveying

ECL’s drones, piloted by our expert engineers, in combination with ground radar technologies, can survey large areas quicker and with greater efficiency. Providing, improved accuracy, this technology reduces both time and cost to our clients.

Safety above all

We are committed to the safety of our employees and anyone who may encounter our services, whether they are clients or members of the public. Our industry-leading safety record is testament to our continued investment in new technology. This combined with our policies, procedures and regular training creates a safe environment for all.

Archaeological Strip Works

Sometimes important relics of our past can be stumbled upon during projects that may impact works. We have extensive experience and knowledge with archaeological strip works and can correctly prepare sites should the need arise.

Customer service

Our self-delivery strategy includes first class customer service both during and after a project. ECL is unique, offering a dedicated customer service department in addition to our mobile customer service teams, who visit sites regularly to ensure the best possible service.

Our people & technology

ECL is always looking to the future. Investing in our people and machinery we ensure that we’re at the forefront of the industry with the knowledge, skills and ability to carry out works which exceed the expectations of our clients - no matter how large or small the project.

Works Undertaken

Because every site is different, the type and extent of the enabling works required will vary extensively. At ECL, we have the skills and knowledge to carry out all types of enabling works, and offer advice and solutions to the trickiest problems, resulting in a construction site that is ready for the next stage of development.

  • Surveys, site investigations and trial holes
  • Site clearance
  • Removing underground obstructions
  • Archaeological and heritage investigations
  • Asbestos surveying and removal
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • Obtaining various consents, approvals and permissions
  • Establishing haul roads and access routes
  • Building scaffolding, erecting hoarding or security fencing
  • Putting up signage
  • Traffic management and establishing diversions
  • Isolating utilities
  • Demolitions
  • Strip-outs
  • Facade retention
  • Dismantling and removing old machinery
  • Excavations
  • Groundworks

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