Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation (VAC-EX) 

What is a vacuum excavator?

A vacuum excavator is a plant vehicle used in site investigation, general construction, and excavation works to remove heavy debris and material from the ground. This machine guarantees expedited excavation without the hazard of interfering or damaging any unforeseen utilities, protecting both our workforce and any underground apparatus.


We promote safety above all

Our Vac-Ex machine reduces the risk of incidents and injuries to excavation teams. It provides the opportunity for fewer operatives on site who can maintain safer spacing for one another whilst carrying out their work.

The Vac-Ex vacuum excavator is armed with the latest technology and operated by a specially trained and highly skilled ECL team, reducing our reliance on the external hire market.


The benefits of using a Vac-Ex machine

  • Services identified without making physical contact – Avoids service strikes & improves safety.
  • Faster excavation method than hand excavation – Reduces project costs
  • Less surface damage – Reduces the size of excavation required
  • Removal of excavated soil – Surrounding areas are clear of debris
  • Remote arm control -– Allows operatives to remain at a safe distance from service apparatus
  • Less impact on site – Cleaner work area


The Vac-Ex is ideal for:

  • Excavating safely around existing utilities.
  • Trial holes
  • Tunnel building
  • Installing trenches & pipeline
  • Waste transfer & disposal
  • Building renovation and projects
  • Highways and Road Infrastructure
  • Drainage, Sewers and Utilities
  • Maintenance of existing sewer networks


We are always seeking to invest in innovative ways of working to keep our workforce safe and to be able to provide the best value and service within our industry.

If you have a technical enquiry or require support on your next excavation project, please get in touch today and see how ECL can help.