Brownfield Remediation

Brownfield Remediation

What is a brownfield site?

A Brownfield site is any unused previously developed land, typically located in an urban plot that may be contaminated. This term is also used to define land used for industrial or commercial purposes and has known or suspected pollution.

Due to the shortage of development land, brownfield sites are in demand to be reused and maximised where permissible. Within the housing market, local councils have piloted initiatives such as Brownfield registers to support housebuilders to obtain brownfield land for redevelopment opportunities.

Here at ECL, our experienced in-house team can swiftly remediate a brownfield site so that it’s ready for our clients to unlock the site’s development potential fully. 

Brownfield Remediation Pre-planning

We can appraise the land, provide a contamination assessment, give technical advice on potential issues and how to overcome them, and assist in developing your remediation strategy for your planning application.

Our Brownfield Remediation Service

The ECL project team will thoroughly test ground materials to identify any contaminants and develop a strategy for processing the material for reuse or arrange for their disposal from the site strictly in adherence to the latest environmental and waste management regulatory requirements. 

Services Include:

  • Site Appraisal & Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Site Demolition 
  • Site Clearing & Hazardous waste removal
  • Bulk earthworks & disposal
  • Backfilling
  • Land Restoration
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Groundwater decontamination
  • Borrow pit optioneering for maximising the benefit of site assets


ECL Civil Engineering has the knowledge, experience and resources to support all brownfield remediation projects.
Our skilled team provides some of the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry, along with an exceptional work ethic.
If you have a technical enquiry or require support on your next brownfield site project, please get in touch and see how ECL can help.

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