Bulk Earthworks

Bulk Earthworks

At ECL, we have over a decade of experience handling bulk earthworks projects and have become firmly established as the leading Earthworks Contractor within the Bedfordshire region.

Earthworks Services

Because we can fully self-deliver, you can be assured that when you hire our services, no matter how large your project, we can scale our teams and plant machinery to meet your exacting needs.


Supporting the Commercial & Construction Sector

We support the UK’s leading house builders and the Construction Sector on large residential and commercial schemes. And have delivered meticulously programmed Enabling Works projects faster and safer than anyone in the industry.

Our self-delivery model, latest tech plant machinery and equipment, coupled with our visionary approach, ensure that our clients receive a first-class service and innovative cost-saving solutions.

The ECL Team

Our workforce is highly skilled to ensure that your bulk earthworks project is successfully planned and completed with speed and efficiency and to schedule. Our design team are experts in 3d modelling, volumetric analysis and innovative solutions that seek to reduce off-site disposal, site movements and client costs whilst improving site safety for all.

Protecting Our Community and Environment

In addition, we always ensure our works have minimal impact on the rest of your development and the surrounding communities and the environment.

Our comprehensive fleet of Earthmoving Plant consists of more than 400 separate machines; featuring some of the best technology available worldwide to make work more accurate and precise, improve safety, and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are inching forward to our Zero Carbon Ambition, with over 200 modern Kobelco excavators, a new fleet of electric combi vans and the Fuel Active System installed on every piece of kit. We are making some serious headway and are rapidly improving our Cabon Admissions year on year.

If you need a highly experienced Bulk Earthworks Company, that specialises in facilitating bulk earthworks on major infrastructure projects around the UK, please get in touch.

Full self-delivery service

From consultation to delivery, when you use ECL you get ECL. Our self-delivery service means our people and our equipment, giving you the best price, faster turnaround, and a safer working environment, every time.

The ECL fleet

To ensure we can deliver on our promises we heavily invest in both machinery and technology. Our 300+ strong fleet include machines fitted with state of the art GPS and A.I., as well specialist machinery such as our VAC-X vehicle.

Our 50 tonne excavator

ECL believes that if a job can be carried quicker and with greater efficiency, then why not do it. Always investing in new machinery, we’ve added a 50 tonne excavator to our fleet. This allows us to bulk excavate up to 30% quicker and to pass on associated cost savings to our clients.

Safety above all

We’re committed to the safety of our employees and anyone who may encounter our services, whether they are clients or members of the public. Our industry leading safety record is testament to our continued investment in new technology. This combined with our policies, procedures and regular training creates a safe environment for all.

Large-scale projects

We specialise in large-scale developments, providing groundworks and excavations for the homes and businesses of tomorrow.

Client partnerships

We believe in the importance of establishing strong, long-term relationships with our clients, working with them to achieve the best results.
Bulk Earthworks Contractors
Bulk Excavations for Wixam Village Project
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Frequently asked Questions

What are Bulk Earthworks?

Bulk earthworks involve removing, moving or adding large amounts of soil, rock, or other material from a site, in preparation for a construction project. Bulk earthworks contractors are often employed to support residential or commercial projects to bring the land to a suitable level to build foundations and structures on.

When are Bulk Earthworks Required?

Bulk earthworks are required to support a wide range of construction projects, such as the building of the following:-

How are bulk earthworks carried out?

Bulk earthworks contractors perform excavations predominantly by:

  • Cutting into or excavating an area of land
  • Creating a new area by adding earth-based materials to a specific location

When Bulk earthworks are taking place, the aim is to reuse the excavated materials as much as possible to prevent the costly collection of waste material and the delivery of extra earth materials.

This is achieved by using specialised computer software to calculate the amount of material that will be cleared and create a programme to execute the work efficiently.


The type of excavation used may be determined by the material being extracted or the purpose of excavation.

When the Bulk earthworks are classified according to purpose, these purposes can include roadway, bridge, structure, footing, and drainage excavations.

When the excavation is determined on the material being excavated, the material must be correctly identified to keep costs down and avert technical problems from occurring. Surveyors and engineers will then measure how easy or hard the earth is to dig and determine an extraction programme accordingly.


Heavy plant machinery is required to manage the task of removing and moving large quantities of soil, rock or other materials.

Examples of equipment that is used include:

  • Graders
  • Rollers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Drag Line Excavators
  • Shovels
  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Diggers
  • Back Hoes
  • Loaders

Civil Engineering Services

Find out more about the full range of Civil Engineering Services we offer or click on one of the following areas below for more information:-

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For a self-delivery civil engineering company to support your next project contact ECL and speak to one of our expert civil engineers.

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If you need a highly experienced Bulk Earthworks Company, who specialise in facilitating bulk earthworks on major infrastructure projects around the UK, please get in touch.
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