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UK Major Infrastructure Projects 2022

UK Major Infrastructure Projects 2022

The current climate has created an unprecedented demand for Global infrastructure projects, expected to be the backbone for economic recovery.

Here are the top 4 major infrastructure projects 2022

  • Thames Tideway
  • HS2
  • Hinkley Point
  • Stonehenge Tunnel 

These projects are predicted to steer the construction sector back to pre-Covid levels.

Thames Tideway

The Thames Tideway Tunnel, 16 miles of combined sewer mainly running under the tidal section of the River Thames across Inner London.

Its purpose is to capture, store and convey almost all the raw sewage and rainwater that currently overflows into the estuary when rainfall volumes exceed the capacity of the London sewerage system.

The tunnel will transfer the combined sewer’s diluted foul water to the Stratford, East Ham Lee Tunnel for onward delivery to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works. Following treatment, water will be released into the saline Thames Estuary.

The project started in 2016, construction is aimed to be completed by 2025.  Delays have been encountered by a year from the COVID-19 pandemic. Once constructed, the main tunnel with an internal diameter of 7.2 m will run 30 m across the width of Inner London.

Thirty-four of the most polluting combined sewer overflows (CSOs) will be connected through this tunnel.  

UK Major Infrastructure Projects 2022


HS2 is a colossal project initially intended to create high-speed rail links between London and significant Midlands and North England cities.

It aims to cut journey times, increase capacity, create jobs, and build the UK economy outside London.

HS2 was initially meant to connect London with BirminghamManchester and Leeds. However, for now, the Leed’s leg is being scrapped, and a shorter high-speed line will be implemented instead to link Birmingham and East Midlands Parkway.

Work has commenced on the first phase, linking London and the West Midlands. It is expected that the London and Birmingham leg will be completed between 2029 and 2033. The scheme’s second phase has been pushed back to 2035-2040.

Advocates of HS2 say it will help reduce motorway traffic and lessen the demand for domestic flights.

Hinkley Point

A Development Consent Order was announced in March 2019 to construct a new nuclear power station in the UK.  This nuclear power station will be the first built for over 25 years. EDF Energy was granted permission to erect the power station at Hinkley Point. On the back of this, several other significant new electricity generation projects such as Seabank 3 have been submitted. These low carbon energy schemes will help satisfy the country’s escalating demand for energy sustainably.

The project will provide additional electricity capacity in the South West by building a new 400,000-volt connection between Bridgwater and Seabank. And by removing the existing 40 miles of overhead line between Bridgwater and Avonmouth substations.

In total, over five miles of the modern connection would be installed underground. The installation will be carried out through and either side of the Mendip Hills Area. Which will leave this area, renowned as one of England’s most stunning locations with flower-rich grasslands and wooded combes which habitats a wide variety of wildlife,  free from pylons for the first time in more than 40 years.

In addition, five miles of existing 132,000 volt overhead line from Nailsea to Portishead substation would also be put underground.

Stonehenge Tunnel 

The Stonehenge road tunnel scheme is a planned tunnel in Wiltshire, England, to upgrade the 13km long A303 road that runs between Amesbury and Berwick Down past Stonehenge. The scheme also aims to improve the design and landscape around Stonehenge and improve safety on the A303.

The scheme plans to move the A303 into a tunnel under the Stonehenge World Heritage Site and change the site in other ways, including moving the visitors’ centre.

Formed by Highways England, the Stonehenge scheme is a part of the UK Government’s £15bn road investment strategy.

The Stonehenge Tunnel is planned to support economic growth by creating work opportunities in the region. The scheme aims to substantially reduce congestion on the A303 at the centre of the village. Furthermore, it aims to cut down the journey time between Amesbury and Berwick to ten minutes during peak hours. 

Commencement of the project is still subject to planning consent.


As one of the biggest civil engineering companies within the region, we are currently invested in several of the UK’s major infrastructure projects.

With our self-delivery model and the latest technology, we have raised productivity and are delivering infrastructure schemes quicker than ever before. 

To see how ECL Civil Engineering can help with your Groundwork or Civil Engineering Project, please get in touch.

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