About us

For over 28 years, ECL Civil Engineering has grown and expanded to become one of the area’s top Civil Engineering and Groundworks companies.

The last few years have seen the company navigate through uncharted waters with Covid and Brexit. But, our continual agility and ability to make quick decisions and change processes and procedures to accommodate an ever-changing landscape and tackle the issues they brought has enabled us to grow.  

Our latest annual financial accounts show the company has turned over the highest figures ever.  As a result, we are fast becoming one of the UK’s top Civil Engineering and Groundworks companies.  

We continue to invest heavily in new technologies and the training of our people so that we can lay the infrastructure that our clients need to plan, build and develop their portfolios safer and quicker than ever before.

This year 2023, we are another leap closer to reaching our vision.



To be the UK’s leading name in civil engineering, setting landmark health & safety records & partnering with pioneers in technology to offer what no others can.

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Our reputation as one of the Top Civil Engineering Companies within the UK is based on how we collaborate on projects and provide efficient, cost-effective and innovative solutions for every civil engineering need.
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