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Our Story

ECL’s honesty and reliability strengthen our brand and reputation.
We have reinforced an ethos that each team member, whether site operative or board member, should push themselves and challenge their skills and knowledge to ensure personal progression—always with the help and support of their peers and mentors.



  • Safety first
  • Preserving the well-being of our people
  • Focus on success in a way that makes us proud
  • Pursue growth and learning for all
  • Always go beyond expectations
  • Quality – What we do, we do the best
  • Maintain integrity in all we do
  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Be fearless, embrace and drive change


In almost three decades, ECL has grown from our humble roots as a groundworks services company to an ambitious and continually growing civil engineering provider. Today, we're proud of our history and look forward to making our mark in the civil engineering industry and beyond.
ECL Civil Engineering History

Open for business


From our humble beginnings, we set out on our story to provide groundworks services to the local area.

ECL Civil Engineering History

Limited edition


In February 1995 we started trading as a limited company, allowing our ambition to grow and our boundaries to expand.

Sean Hoare

Sean Hoare becomes MD


The sad passing of the founder Tommy Hoare led to Sean Hoare becoming our new Managing Director.


Growing our fleet


The company's first brand-new plant machinery was purchased. This marked the beginning of our expansive investment in machinery and equipment, to not only improve and expand ECL's services but also to drive our passion for continually improving safety within the industry.

ECL Civil Engineering History

A record-breaking year


Big ambition and even bigger determination led to our most successful year as we achieved an annual turnover of £10m.

Steve Tysoe ECL Managing Director



In October, Steve Tysoe joined Sean Hoare as an equal partner of ECL. Steve brought with him, his extensive industry and business expertise to support the business’s continued growth.

Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering Team at ECL

A big project


ECL always believe that bigger is better and we were delighted to win and successfully complete ahead of time our first project worth over £10m!

Houghton Regis 25.3.19 18 900sq e1641813225918

The big two-oh


ECL achieves an annual turnover of £20m.

ECL Civil Engineering Kempston Bedford

Moving home


Our continued success and growth meant the need to expand from our Top Farm offices, to our current home at Vanquish House in Kempston.


A new milestone


Through further expansion and undertaking of industry professionals, we proudly achieved an annual turnover of £57m.

Groundworks at Wooton Project

Bigger and bigger


We began our biggest project to date at Wooton, carrying out large infrastructure works on a multi-phased housing development.

home hero

Triple digits


This year we have achieved an annual turnover of over £137m! In such a short space of time, our dedication, to safety, investment in new technologies, staff and a desire to grow, has allowed the unprecedented expansion of our business.... but why stop there! Our ambition has grown alongside our success and we're excited to carry on our story and see where our path leads in the future.

Low carbon construction

Nett Zero Ambition


ECL outlines its carbon commitment as a conscientious business to achieve net zero emissions by 2035. Baseline emissions are calculated as the first steps towards driving change.

Engineering a greener future

Outstanding results


In July 2022, our annual CCF Report revealed an outstanding reduction of 19% of the company’s overall carbon emissions.

Dave Fil

On Board


After 16 years with the company, Dave Fil is appointed Construction Director.

Foundation Record

New Foundation Record Set!


250 plots laid in three weeks! Achieving a new found record whilst smashing the program timeline and finishing two weeks ahead of schedule.

Record Breaking Number of Plotworks Managed by ECL

Job Done


ECL set's quickest completion record n Bloor's history!

Newark Recycled Asphalt

Leading the way


ECL lay the first recycled asphalt at Middlebeck. 3,493 tonnes of recycled asphalt installed at Staple Lane, Newark, each tonne effectively reducing CO2 emissions by 27kg!