Eastern Link Infrastructure and Bridge Construction

Clipstone Park Residential Infrastructure

Clipstone Park Road and Bridge Construction

  • Location:

    Clipstone Park, Leighton Buzzard

  • Sector:

    Residential House & Infrastructure

Project Scope

  • Reinforced concrete rigid frame bridge structure
  • 96x 0m deep CFA piled foundations
  • 500m3 structural reinforced concrete base/abutments/wwalls
  • 1x20 tonne 15-meter prestressed concrete beams
  • 300m2 in-situ concrete deck with waterproofing & drainage
  • Storm and highway drainage
  • Proprietary parapet vehicle restraint system
  • 30,000m3 of earthworks - 2km of highway storm drainage
  • 27,000m3 of structural fill from borrow pits
  • 8,000m2 of carriageway construction
  • S278 tie-in with two signalised junctions
  • Construction of carriageway over bridge

Project Overview

A blend of high-quality and sustainable mixed-use developments from housing to community facilities, with 75% of the park being dedicated to open spaces for the community to share.
ECL was appointed Principal Contractor by the Consortium (Barratt David Wilson North Thames & Taylor Wimpey South Midlands) to construct a reinforced concrete bridge spanning Clipstone Brook and deliver the Eastern Link infrastructure.

The Eastern Link infrastructure included 1.5kms of S38 and S278 mixed development link roads crossing the bridge structure and 2km of highway storm drainage. And also included the installation of a four-way signalised junction to accommodate the development of a brand new community high school.

The burrow pit plan - We excavated from non-structure spaces of the site, covering an area roughly the size of three football pitches. The excavated material was used to infill other construction site areas, which would have otherwise been brought in at additional cost. Again, an environmental solution that helped control earthwork operations, limit transport movements, and improve the project’s bottom line.

Our phased approach successfully managed the bridge installation. Starting with the construction of a Bailey bridge structure, then watercourse realignments, construction of a temporary crane platform, and a well-programmed installation of the bridge structures which was executed meticulously.

Project Challenges

We spent a tremendous amount of time planning and managing the temporary works for the bridge construction element of this project. Timing was crucial; with a curing process of 21 days before landing the bridge beams, we had to make sure we kept to a tight schedule. There was absolutely no wiggle room. Working close to a watercourse on an existing flood plain meant risk of watercourse contamination. To mitigate any threat of contamination, we used biodegradable oils in all plant machinery & equipment & employed strict spill protection & response measures.

Project Outcome

Another successful project delivery by the ECL project management team. Both the client and local authorities were extremely satisfied with our work’s high quality and meticulous programme management and delivery. The client also redeemed further cost savings due to our approach to reduce the importation of structural fill and utilise site won material from the borrow pits. Well done to the ECL Team for another well-delivered scheme.

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