Grading and Excavation

Grading and Excavation

What are Grading and Excavation?

Grading and Land Excavation are two separate processes often combined to level land on a site in preparation for a construction project. Excavation involves digging and moving the earth and removing excess material, boulders, trees, and other such debris during the excavation process. If the plot requires earthmoving, excavation is the first step in land preparation.

Grading starts when the land is relatively free of obstacles once excavation work has been completed. Grading work is carried out to ensure a level base or a specific slope on a site. For example, a base course for a road, foundations of a building site or surface drainage.

grading and excavations
Land Excavation

Grading involves professionals who understand how land reacts to different environmental conditions. For example, they know what slope a site needs to direct rainwater away from the construction site. In addition, a skilled team is needed who are experienced in using heavy plant equipment and sophisticated measuring appliances like GPS or laser systems to measure the ground and understand its grading. 

Every property requires a different grading and excavation approach, and at ECL, we always formulate a customised plan for each scheme.

Factors That Determine Our Choice of Grading and Excavation Method:

  • Development Scheme Size 

  • Soil Quality

  • Land Density

  • Erosion Control Requirements

  • Heavy Plant Machinery Needed

  • Site Debris such as rocks, bushes, trees etc

  • Ecological Report

  • Site Logistics

Without proper excavation and grading, a construction project will face many obstacles and may result in an unsafe work environment and buildings. 

Our Services include:

  • Excavations
  • Deep bulk excavations suited to basement constructions
  • Surveys and volumetric calculations
  • Ground profiles
  • Cut and fill
  • Re-engineering and stabilising fills

ECL are one of the biggest civil engineering companies within Bedfordshire. We are currently invested in several of the UK’s residential infrastructure projects working with leading residential and commercial developers, local authorities, landowner groups and consultant Project Managers.

With our self-delivery model and the latest technology, we have raised productivity and are delivering infrastructure schemes quicker than ever before. 

Full self-delivery service

From consultation to delivery, when you use ECL you get ECL. Our self-delivery service means our people and our equipment, giving you the best price, faster turnaround, and a safer working environment, every time.

The ECL fleet

To ensure we can deliver on our promises we heavily invest in both machinery and technology. Our 300+ strong fleet include machines fitted with state of the art GPS and A.I., as well specialist machinery such as our VAC-X vehicle.

Our 50 tonne excavator

ECL believes that if a job can be carried quicker and with greater efficiency, then why not do it. Always investing in new machinery, we’ve added a 50 tonne excavator to our fleet. This allows us to bulk excavate up to 30% quicker and to pass on associated cost savings to our clients.

Safety above all

We’re committed to the safety of our employees and anyone who may encounter our services, whether they are clients or members of the public. Our industry leading safety record is testament to our continued investment in new technology. This combined with our policies, procedures and regular training creates a safe environment for all.

Large-scale projects

We specialise in large-scale developments, providing groundworks and excavations for the homes and businesses of tomorrow.

Client partnerships

We believe in the importance of establishing strong, long-term relationships with our clients, working with them to achieve the best results.


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