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The biggest Civil Engineering Companies UK

Biggest Civil Engineering Companies UK

The UK is amid a construction boom fueled by major civil engineering projects such as HS2. These projects are genuinely transforming the country’s transport systems and sustainability through smart network grids and Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Indeed, having great companies to support the construction works in the UK is making our country’s infrastructure one of the best in the world.

Further significant infrastructure projects are due to commence in 2022, such as Stonehenge Tunnel. And as a result, there is a mass of construction jobs available throughout the UK. But, Civil Engineering Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to find the right people with expertise in a range of building works and heavy civil engineering covering both the commercial and residential sectors.

With opportunities overflowing, how do you find out which is the best civil engineering company to work for? To help you find the right company, we’ve listed some of the biggest civil engineering companies UK that are leading the way in technologies and career development opportunities.

This article will provide you with some guidelines to help you choose the right civil engineering company to join. It will also list 12 companies recognised as leaders in the civil engineering industry in their region to help you find suitable employment in your area.

Table of Contents

  1. How many civil engineering companies are in the UK?
  2. What are the biggest civil engineering companies UK?
  3. Which are the best paying civil engineering companies?
  4. The benefits of working with ECL
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biggest civil engineering companies UK

How many civil engineering companies are in the UK?

There are a vast number of civil engineering companies that exist in the UK. Too many to list or count. So below, we’ve listed the top civil engineering companies for each region of the UK. Please note that many of these companies have multiple locations, so research them all to find the one that’s right for you.


Here is a list of the 12 biggest civil engineering companies UK by region.  

  1. Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd – North East (England)
  2. Kier Group Plc – North West (England)
  3. Lindum Group Ltd – Yorkshire and The Humber
  4. Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd. – East Midlands (England)
  5. ECL Civil Engineering Ltd. – West Midlands (England)
  6. ECL Civil Engineering Ltd. – East of England
  7. Balfour Beatty plc – London
  8. Interserve Plc – South East (England)
  9. BAM Construct UK Ltd – South West (England)
  10. Carey Group Plc – Scotland
  11. Andrew Scott Ltd. – Wales
  12. John Graham Holdings Ltd. – Northern Ireland


Which are the best paying civil engineering companies?

The UK is one of the best countries where you can study civil engineering and find it very easy to get a job due to the number of positions available and the vast number of leading civil engineering companies in the UK. If you’re lucky enough, you can join an apprentice and graduate scheme, earn as you learn, and forgo any tuition fees. Below is a list of the biggest civil engineering companies in the UK renowned as the best payers.

10 best paying civil engineering companies UK  

    • Kier Group plc.
    • Lindum Group Ltd
    • ECL Civil Engineering Ltd
    • Andrew Scott Ltd.
    • Sir Robert McAlpine
    • Stepnell
    • The Clancy Group PLC
    • Balfour Beatty plc 
    • Interserve Plc
    • BAM Construct UK Ltd 


What makes a good civil engineering company?

The top twelve companies listed above include some of the largest and most respected and some which are snowballing and teeming with career prospects. But how do you decide which position to fill?

The first thing to consider is the company’s pedigree. In general, well-established companies will be more accommodating to new hires than new companies that have yet to find their mark. 

Some larger companies will offer benefits such as additional vacations, free health insurance, and better retirement plans. That said, working for a smaller company or a new company can mean that the corporate culture is more vibrant and flexible, and being part of something relatively new and dynamic can be exciting. Also, there may be less competition for jobs in small businesses and an easier and faster track to career progression.

If you’re going to become a civil engineer on-site, be sure to check each company’s safety history. Look for companies with solid health and safety processes and low accident rates.

Finally, you should look at the companies culture and make sure their values and ethical business standards match your own.


The benefits of working with ECL Civil Engineering Ltd.

ECL centres its reputation and core values on providing excellent quality and an outstanding health and safety record. They are a major local employer, bringing the knowledge and experience of their skilled team to cover civil engineering projects across the East of England, South East, Home Counties and the West Midlands.

This company is on the rise and has a strong community culture where families work alongside each other, and career growth can soar rapidly in line with the company expansion.

They encourage everyone to feel part of the team and ECL. It’s hard work but it’s well rewarded, through social activities, recognition and remuneration.

Above all, ECL has a reputation you can trust to deliver value for money and essential services on a wide range of civil engineering projects, from small projects to large and residential schemes and major high-value contracts. So this company is definitely one to watch.

Visit ECL Civil Engineerings Careers Page for more information.

Here are the benefits of working with ECL Civil Engineering

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