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Broadnook Garden Suburb Phase 1A Project Update

Nestled between Birstall and Rothley is 500 acres of mostly farmland north of the A46, soon to be known as Broadnook.

Broadnook Garden Suburb Phase 1a

The vision for Broadnook Garden Suburb is to combine generous green spaces, parkland, and woodland with tree-lined streets ready to nurture a thriving community.

And the development will see the community benefit from a primary school, health care facilities, shops and services, and include a retirement village and the prospect of high-quality jobs in impressive lush green surroundings.


  • 2,143 homes
  • A ‘village centre’ with shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, a supermarket and a community centre based around a public plaza called Maypole Square
  • A primary school
  • A retirement village 
  • 37 acres of offices and industrial space
  • Parks, sports pitches

Early this year, ECL was successfully appointed as principal contractor to construct the infrastructure for Broadnook in line with the developer’s (Cora Homes and Davidsons Homes) visions for the new community.

Our knowledge of local specifications and robust council relationships meant we were suitably placed to accelerate requests from Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) through to completion and highways adoption.

The infrastructure team could also draw from previous project experience, forming a programme and proficient project management teams to service the S278 and S38 works, headed by Paul Gasper, Operations Manager.

 From the get-go, the project was met with challenges, including significant design changes by the client to works areas, earthworks, drainage, section 278 and the scope of works which led to the project being massively behind programme.

 To help mitigate delays, we worked closely with ADC, the designers, submitting technical design queries and looking for design solutions. We also redeployed gangs to manage earthworks on the public open space area ahead of schedule.

Broadnook Garden Suburb


Paul Gasper, Operations Manager, commented:

“One of the key reasons for the client’s team employing ECL was the added benefit of our mitigation management approach and readiness to assist in ‘matters’ that remain the ‘clients’ responsibility, such as coordination of services and continual liaison with LCC.

The team on site have been continually optimising the programme to help claw back the time lost at the start and get the programme back on track.”



Bulk earthworks to the S38 works are now underway, and the significant section of the S278 offline section is currently being surfaced. The asphalt resurfacing of J1 and J2 will start in July, with works planned over a number of weekend closures to minimise disruption. 

Rothley Crossroads is ready to start as soon as TA and TTRO’s are in place.

The S278 team, headed by John Burrows, will undertake the S278 works on the A6 between J1 and J2. Due to location, key work sections have been planned during off-peak daytime hours and will include weekend and night work to minimise disruption to the local businesses and residents. We are currently waiting for the TTRO application to be satisfied for work to commence.

Paul Gasper added:

“To ensure these works are managed as planned, the interface and continual liaison with the key third-party stakeholders ( LCC, Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance service, National Highways, Arriva Bus and Skylink Bus) is crucial. Stakeholder engagement will be a constant proactive part of our process.”

Having now approached the project’s halfway point, and even though we have had to contend with design delays and the poor weather in April, we are pleased to report that our progress has only been marginally hampered, and we are confident we can alleviate delays.

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