Brickyard Farm

Brickyard Farm

High risk gas main protection

  • Client:

    Bloor Homes

  • Location:

    Brickyard Farm, Winslow

  • Sector:


  • Project Value:


Project Scope

  • S104 works
  • S38 works
  • S278 junction upgrade
  • Foul pumping station installation
  • 600 linear metres rising main connection off-site

Project Overview

What sets ECL apart from competitors is our role as a full-service delivery company, avoiding the need for external contractors with a promise of a quick and cost-effective service where quality is never compromised. This helped us to seal the deal as the principal contractors under Bloor Homes in the first phase of the 13-hectare Brickyard Farm Development, a fantastic expansion set to include at least 1/3 affordable housing, education, employment and leisure facilities while preserving biodiversity in the Winslow area. 

Project Challenges

The team was faced with a high-risk building constraint, regarding a potentially dangerous high-pressure gas main running across land required for infrastructure.  However, with the meticulous planning of Project Manager Billy Plant and Health and Safety Manager Claire Stacey, along with the capable efforts of site manager Sean O’Malley and his group, the gas main was safely protected, restraints lifted, and construction works ready to commence ahead of schedule.

Project Outcome

The high-pressure gas mains lay just 1.1m below ground level in 2 areas where the scheme was due to build; despite being a hindrance, this was also an opportunity to demonstrate the scope of our engineering abilities and knowledge of SGN processes and procedures to get the constraint swiftly resolved. While another company may have required the help of a contractor- increasing both time and cost- our team were able to shield the gas main and remove the building constraints in under 3 weeks.

Project Process

The vast knowledge and experience of the senior management team is also to thank. “Following the introduction to proceed from Bloor Homes [who produced the design to overcome constraints] we were straight onto the matter”, comments Billy Plant, “This involved myself in collaboration with Claire Stacey producing detailed methodology and safe systems of work, later sent for approval with SGN and passed smoothly. This enabled us to proceed with our choice of site manager to deliver the work.” Having worked with SGN before, Plant understood their processes and needs well, which contributed hugely to the prompt approval. 

Sean O’Malley was then selected as site manager for his expertise, notably his work on the Waterbeach Barracks development, and, once again, Plant and Stacey’s informed judgement led to a quick approval from SGN. 

With approvals in place, SGN appointed a Watch Brief and ECL were good to go. 

First, a haul road was built to gain access to the south of the main road where the gas mains are located. These were then uncovered using our vacuum excavation machine, chosen for its speed, small surface impact and ability to work around the area without risk. With greater visibility, diggers could soon be safely used. 

Next, concrete was poured down either side to create a flexible platform bridge with reinforcement bars placed on top of the two concrete abutments. Additional concrete was then poured and cured to form the protection slab, acting as a bridge over the gas main so that a road and cycle path could be built over the main without compromising it. 

To ensure the concrete strength met the specification requirement, test concrete samples were sent to the laboratory for inspection to qualify the integrity of the slab.

The samples passed the test, and works were subsequently signed off, and the constraints were officially resolved.

This project started on Monday, 13th November, and was completed by the 28th, three days ahead of the proposed schedule, thanks to the outstanding ECL team and their ability to work collaboratively with efficiency and expertise in a high-risk environment.

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