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Our groundworkers are the first trades on the scene, they support engineers with design specifications, maintain communications amongst all the on-site construction trades and ultimately ensure that our projects are successfully delivered.

This month we caught up with ECL’s Civil Engineering Site Manager Peter Fil.

Peter has been with the company for just over 15 years, an avid Chelsea supporter and a great supporter of people. The remarkable thing about Peter is his exceptional energy to mentor and watch his team develop.

Peter’s dad Mychaljo (Michael) has been a significant inspirational figure in his life. Mychaljo moved to England in 1946 from Ukraine and built a life from scratch, working as a groundworker, and that’s how Peter was subsequently spurred to become a groundworker.

“My dad has been the most inspirational person in my life. He taught much of what I know, especially his attitude and drive, which I’ve also passed down to my sons’.” 

Here Peter shares a bit of himself with us and his first-hand experience working with ECL, his role and responsibilities on-site and why being a part of the ECL team means so much to him.

How did you hear about ECL?

I was a Ganger man for Andrew Davies construction before I joined ECL. I worked with Lenny Giddings, who was on the Sandy site, and Sean (Sean Hoare) was working on the same site.

Lenny got talking to Sean, who told us he was going to need a gang. Of course, we were interested, and as they say, the rest is history. I believe it was January 2006 when I joined ECL in my first role as a Ganger Man.

How have your roles and responsibilities changed since joining the company?

It’s completely different, I’m now a Site Supervisor and more office-bound on-site, and I have to think more about health and safety.

The projects we work on are far larger therefore, we deal with a greater range of trades and personnel. So the work is continually different and challenging.

What’s a typical working day look like for you?

Most of my day is taken up guiding the labour force in the correct direction, sorting out work for the following weeks, ordering materials, following health and safety procedures and making sure we keep on programme. I like making decisions to keep the site moving forward, and I enjoy seeing the progress and an excellent finished product. It is very satisfying.

Do you have a career path you want to follow?

I actually enjoy where I am within the company, and I receive the relevant training required to do my role.

I imagine I will be in a similar role until I retire. Retiring, now that’s a scary thought.

What are your most notable projects?

Most of the sites I have worked on have been varied, interesting and busy. All projects are much the same in this respect.

I would say the most satisfying would be Apsley, both phase 3 and 6.

These were really challenging projects due to conditions, the slope of the site, the amount of retaining walls etc… But once it was done I looked back and was amazed at the thought of how we managed to do the job. Really gratifying.

What words of wisdom would you give to a new recruit?

Be prepared to work hard and learn, and you will progress up the ladder.

What are your plans for Christmas, Peter?

I’ll be at home with plenty of friends and beer. No work, lots of rest and some snow would be nice.

Thanks for the interview Peter and for you and your team’s continuous drive, focused efforts and hard work.

This year, ECL has overcome some of the most demanding construction challenges in the industry, and with the help of you and the team, we have consistently delivered high-quality results.

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