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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing A DIY Groundworks Project

Making changes to your property and attempting to do it yourself to reduce costs may not always save you money.  

If you’re considering managing a DIY Groundworks project, before you plough ahead, here are a few questions you need to consider.  

  1. Will I actually save money? 

  2. Am I capable?

  3. Can I deal with the Local Authority requirements?

  4. Will I safeguard my and my co-worker’s health and safety?


Saving Money

Work out how much it would cost for a groundworks contractor to do the work and then compare costs to how much it would cost if you managed the work yourself. Don’t forget to include:-

Also, factor in the time away from your regular day job.

Skill and experience capabilities

Your undertaking may require some tasks that need a specialist’s skill to handle them correctly and achieve the best result. You need to consider if you have the luxury of time for learning and practising that skill before you begin your construction. Remember, mistakes won’t just be costly. They can be dangerous too. 

Local Authority – permits, rules, and regulations

When it comes to a DIY groundworks project, you need to understand what permits, rules and regulations you need to comply with and what approvals you’ll need to gather from your local authorities. You’ll also need to meet the specific construction requirements and standards, especially for drainage and sewer connections. Planning and construction approvals can be a minefield. There is a massive advantage of working with a team of people who have established relationships with your local authorities and understand their requirements. Warning: Potential delays could be on the cards if you don’t fully comply with standards set by your local authorities. So make sure you are fully aware of what you need to do to get these pushed through promptly and considerately.

Safe Working Environment

Don’t just dismiss this point, be warned, the construction industry has one of the highest incident rates. Injuries and deaths on a construction site are a real threat. You need to comprehend the dangers that prevail in construction and ensure you fully comply with health and safety regarding workforce conduct on-site, safety procedures, safe use of tools and equipment and PPE. You have to be 100% satisfied that you can complete your construction project without sacrificing anyone’s safety.

If you don’t trust yourself in this regard, hire a professional groundworks company.  



If you’re confident that you can achieve all of the above, maybe a DIY project is perfect for you.

But, if you are not entirely optimistic about managing the work yourself, then take time to speak to a professional groundwork company to ensure your project is safely executed promptly and to the highest quality.

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