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The Pig Issue

He may have only been part of the team for a short while, but Boris remains firmly in the hearts of everyone he encountered at ECL. 

The pig issue

And as his story in our last issue of the newsletter struck many cords, we just had to post an update on his latest escapades and progress.

Quick recap: Boris was found on our Clipstone site, where our site team took to make sure Boris was well taken care of, finally finding him an amazing haven in the Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary.

Boris was relocated to Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary last October, and nine months in, we are delighted to report that he is doing fantastic! He is loving life in his new pen, which is in the Sanctuary’s centre. Meaning he’s receiving all the attention.

Being on the site, Boris became very familiar with being around the ECL team and receiving much love, attention, and food.

And by the sounds of it, not much has changed. He continues to enjoy being the feature attraction, meeting many new people, and receiving a daily belly rub.

But on a down note, Boris has become a bit of a piggy pig, being the only pig in the Sanctuary who visitors are not allowed to feed. It seems Boris just doesn’t know when to stop eating, possibly due to his previous life living in the wild at Clipstone.

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