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Wintringham S278 Site Achieves Excellence in Performance


One of the first projects inducted into the Considerate Constructor Scheme is Wintringham, and we’re beaming on having received some fantastic feedback and scores.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a not-for-profit, independent organisation founded to raise standards in the construction industry.

By registering with the Scheme, we have agreed to abide by the Code of Considerate Practice and foster best practices beyond statutory requirements.

And in doing so, our sites will be regularly monitored and scored under the Scheme’s code of considerate practice, which has been set out in three main areas which challenge our industry.


Peter Johnson from the considerate constructor scheme visited the Wintringham site in late October to monitor the A428 roundabout works, which were nearing completion.

Peter’s report, first and foremost, reported on Vulie Major’s (Project Manager) meticulous work, ensuring the impact on the site’s neighbours and the public were constantly well-considered. He praised the robust procedures the team set to assure the safety of walkers, our handling of public communications, and our community engagement initiatives, all of which were well received.

Vulie Major commented,
“I’m always considering how we look after our workforce, ensuring we provide a great level of welfare and a genuinely decent environment for everybody to work in.

We always consider the residents. So safety, noise, dust, all these environmental issues can impact us, and we must tackle them head-on.

On this project, we’ve got public rights of way so that the general public can walk through our live site. To keep them safe, we’ve erected fencing on the public footpath, and we have a traffic marshall, Coen Gouveia to ensure they stay on the path and out of any danger on site.

With the considerate construction scheme, things like this mean a lot. It’s about appreciating the workplace, the people you work with, the people around you, and the environment. That’s what we do well.”

On an environmental note, the effective management of the environmental management system certified to ISO14001, coupled with our carbon reduction initiatives, was also held in esteem. From installing hybrid solar-powered lighting towers and a Solar pod that combines solar PV, battery storage and a backup generator in a single self-contained unit to utilising the best in plant hybrid technology, we made sure to maximise CO2 savings in any way we could.

Our supportive and caring environment and open-door policy were all highly praised, along with our high degree of workforce retention. Adding further testament to the excellent site management team, Vulie Major (Project Manager), Mick McCarey (Site Manager), Kieran Devane (Road and Sewers Manager), Kealey O’Kane (Engineer) and Sharon Outlaw (Site document controller).
Furthermore, training a competent workforce, excellent Health and Safety procedures and practice were all given extremely high scores.

Well done to everyone who has worked so hard on the immaculate delivery of the Wintringham A428 Roundabout Works for Urban&Civic and achieving a Considerate Constructor Score of Excellence.

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