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Bedfordshire Food Bank Christmas Fundraising


It’s the day that gets everyone into the Christmas spirit, where the team show their true Christmas colours and out-dress each other on the office floor. 


And what makes this day even more Christmassy than the sparkly, light flashing and over-the-top and sometimes messy festive woollies is that this is all in aid of an extremely worthy cause.  

This is the second year the charity team at ECL are raising monies to provide food and other necessary items needed for the Bedford Food Bank, which is in Murdock Road, Bedford.

This year, donations are needed more than ever.

As the cost of living crisis takes its toll, it’s reported that one in five working people are now turning to food banks.

And one in five of those that use the foodbank are in work, but they still can’t afford the essentials.

This year, a third more parcels have already been provided compared to last, with an increase of more than 50% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The level of need is outstripping donations for the first time in its history.

The fundraising activities were held on Friday, 9th December. The team at ECL put on their Christmas woolly jumpers and each donated £2 towards the Bedfordshire Food Bank. 

In addition, the charity team are asked staff to donate food items such as Longlife milk and fruit juice, tins, coffee and teabags, tinned meat, jars of sauces, washing up liquid and cleaning products as all these items are desperately needed to help struggling families in our area. 

Further fundraising initiatives will include A Reverse Advent Calendar highlighting daily food donations required and a donation box at HQ to collect additional monetary and food donations.

With festive spirit and generosity boosted, ECL aims to exceed last year’s donations. To achieve this, we need the entire team’s support by joining in all the fundraising endeavours and donating where they can. 

It’s incredibly self-satisfying to support this cause in the knowledge that we can make life a little bit more optimistic for some of the local children and families in the Bedfordshire area who need our help.

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