Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction 

Bridge construction is one of the key elements of civil engineering. They are a common feature of our built environment and can be constructed in a multitude of ways with designs from arch to suspension and with a variety of materials. The design of a bridge will be conditional on the load-bearing requirements.

Our civil engineering services encompass bridge constructions on new infrastructures and the maintenance of existing structures through assessment, restoration, and strengthening.

We provide precision bridge engineering, bridge replacement, and bridge servicing for any project scale. Ensuring that new and existing structures are highly functional, fit the local setting and that they will serve their community for years to come.

Road and Bridge Infrastructure
Road and Bridge Infrastructure

Our bridge construction services include:

  • Bridge demolition
  • Rail underbridge construction
  • Road overbridges construction
  • Access to footbridges
  • Temporary service and pedestrian bridges installations

ECL has earned the reputation for providing some of the highest quality and safety standards in the industry, along with an exceptional work ethic.

Working with all the major blue-chip housing developers in the region, we understand that project change is inevitable as design, budgets, sales, and constraints develop over time. Consequently, we provide a self-delivery model, which allows us to react swiftly to changes in programmes and design. 


With infrastructure clients seeking a greater level of programme and cost certainty, there’s been a shift to procurement and delivery models based on the complete design and build responsibility being transferred to the contractor.

To accommodate this trend, ECL’s in-house technical team, which includes engineers from a design consultant background, has collaborated with a local consultant to provide secondment opportunities. The cross-over between both companies offers the opportunity to develop staff capabilities in the respective disciplines and further expand our D&B offering.

Our ability to adapt to our clients’ ever-changing needs has led to the successful award and delivery of several primary design and build contracts over the last period. 

If you have a technical inquiry or need a bridge construction company to support your project, please get in touch today and see how ECL can help.




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