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Meet Our Senior Site Infrastructure Manager

Meet Kieran Devane

ECL's Senior Site Infrastructure Manager

Kieran Devane is a long-standing team member of ECL. He’s been with the company for some 14 years and counting, beginning as a plant operator and quickly moving up the ranks to Senior Site Infrastructure Manager.

As a kid, Kieran always had ambitions to be a Digger Driver, Just like his dad Big JD. His dad who also works for ECL and has forever been a hero figure to Kieran, teaching him everything he knows, so it’s no wonder Kieran followed in his footsteps.

Kieran is now a firm family man with kids keeping him busy when he’s not at work.

We caught up with Kieran to chat about his personal life and business and get his first-hand perspective on how the business has evolved since he joined.

What were your first impressions of the company?

Excellent, even back then, we had the best kit. But, of course, it was a different colour, back then it was orange (Hitachi), but even now, we lead the way in the industry with our machinery.

How have your roles and responsibilities changed since joining the company?

Massively, from plant operator to a supervisor in a drainage gang and now part of an outstanding infrastructure team managing large projects.

What’s a typical working day look like for you?

The start of the day is usually very busy for the first hour. We start with a daily briefing and a good chat about the day’s work and objectives with all the lads. I then spend some time on paperwork and looking ahead to what’s needed in terms of plant and materials. In the afternoon, I’m checking that the lads are working safely and that the quality of the work is where it should be. But the day can vary depending on what site you are on and how many men there are.

Do you have a career path you want to follow?

Yes, I’m on that path. ECL has always been good at training and given people the opportunity to better themselves if they put the work in.

What’s the best bit about your job?

When the TARMAC goes down, always a great sense of achievement.

Which projects have you most enjoyed working on?

Bidwell 258, my favourite job. It had everything, deep drainage, culverts, ponds and it was 2 mins from my old house. 

It was my first big infrastructure site, and I learnt a lot there.

Cambourne 303, also a very large infrastructure project, was my most challenging. Taking over the project halfway through it from a team who threw the towel in was not easy, but with some great support from Sean Hoare and Steve Tysoe and a very good Project Manager in Thomas Jamieson. We managed to get all the spine roads up to the binder course before Christmas 2020.

What does your future at ECL look like?

Good, well, I hope so. I have a good relationship with both of the owners and get on well with all my seniors, so I’m here to stay.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?

Becoming a Dad.

Who’s been the most inspiring person in your life?

My Wife, what she does for my children, that’s probably why.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

With my family at home, along with lots of beer and food. 🙂

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