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Civil Engineering Wintringham Park

ECL Principle Contractor, providing civil engineering services for the development of Wintringham Park.

Nestled into the Cambridgeshire countryside is Wintringham. The biggest mixed-use development in St Neots, comprising 2,800 new homes and up to 63,000 sq m of employment space, whilst approximately 146 acres of the development will be green space.


Civil Engineering Wintringham Park
Civil Engineering Wintringham Park


Urban&Civic has consciously designed Wintringham with a focus on well-being and sustainability. They’ve incorporated a pedestrian and cycle-friendly environment and placed pocket parks within each residential area to create green landscaped spaces between the new housing. 

A central north-south linear park will run throughout the whole development, bringing together other green spaces, and the development will feature a range of cycle paths and walkways.

The Key Phase One project has been broken down into two phases, the North phase and the South, with the North phase of the project well underway.

We’re honoured to have been awarded principal contractor for the Key Phase One South element of this project, commissioned to manage the majority of the infrastructure for the remaining green areas, public spaces, roads, pedestrian and cycle routes, and essentially completing the infrastructure for the area between Cambridge Road to the North and Wintringham Brook to the South.

Vulie Major was assigned as Project Manager, and Kieran Devane as the Site Manager. Both were put across at the tender stage to Urban&Civic to demonstrate the able team appointed to project delivery.

Timing was on our side; Vulie had just successfully completed a significant infrastructure project at Stanton Cross for Bovis homes. He had the requisite skills and experience to manage this project. Moreover, we knew he was the right man for the job.

Works started in August this year and are programmed to be complete in May next year; we’ve got 65 men working on-site to ensure the first key access date is achieved despite the aggressive programme requirements.

Thanks to its strategic position on the main London-Edinburgh train line and the A1 and A428 road network, the town is rapidly expanding through significant regeneration and investment. We’re proud to be part of this project and partner once again with Urban&Civic.



  • Manage access to land parcels, and the maintenance of the existing site haul route system and access to the train station remained uninhibited.
  • s278 works near a railway bridge along with access.
  • Installation of culvert crossing with associated wing walls.
  • Installation of deep drainage systems and a foul water pumping station.
  • Installation of high-quality pedestrian and cycle links and key public open spaces, which included a centrally located play area and nature-focused areas alongside Wintringham Brook.
  • Implementation of ponds and ditches.


ECL are highly experienced in providing civil engineering services on major infrastructure projects around the UK. Please get in touch for support on your next project.

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