Midland Road

Complex and dynamic infrastructure and engineering for a deep drainage solution

  • Client:

    Bovis Riverside LLP

  • Engineer:

    Peter Brett

  • Location:

    Midland Road

  • Sector:


  • Project Value:


Project Scope

  • Upgrade of the existing carriageway
  • Carriageway widening
  • Water management system
  • Twin 900mm diameter pipework for flow control
  • Lowering of mains HV and Gas
  • Re-routing of the existing BT lines
  • Signalised junction

Project Overview

Bovis Riverside LLP approached us regarding a deep drainage solution and subsequent highways upgrade required by the council to facilitate a large development in Stanton Cross. The project, formerly known as Midland Road Drainage, is a relatively small S278 contract on a site requiring additional drainage to a low point just outside Wellingborough train station. The original quote from another contractor of £2 million, along with 6 month programmes was not practical for the developers.

The original design implemented a single pipe at a depth of 6m with additional manholes to create sufficient attenuation at the lowest point to prevent potential flooding of the area. The length and width of the trench would have required the complete closure of the road, preventing access to the rail station and adjacent carparks, with a huge impact on goods in and out on the Royal Mail depot situated next to the rail station. In addition, this design would have required complex diversions of the existing services below the road.

We worked with Peter Brett Associates to alter the design and proposed the implementation of twin 900mm pipes laid at a lesser depth, effectively shortening and narrowing the trench required. The new design allowed for the road to remain partially operational under traffic management and required critical elements of the project to be completed over night (between 1am and 4am). This involved a large amount of temporary works and coordination to ensure access.

Project Challenges

We encountered a large number of services; BT, gas and electric, not outlined on the service plan and would require statutory diversions. Their Specialist Services Team were heavily involved in providing flexible solutions on-site. The use of an in-house vacuum excavator enabled us to expose the existing services and carry out the permanent works within the validity that various permits required. This project was hugely time-sensitive, with 75% of the installation to be completed within an allocated 17 days, under a 3-way signal system during the Easter holidays. This exact schedule left no room for error or delays as the next period available for completion of this part of the works would have been three months. We avoided delays and completed all works within the 17 days given.

Project Outcome

The redesign of the original solution along with innovative planning allowed us to deliver the project at £850,000 and in 6 weeks, as opposed to the £2million and 6 months an original contractor proposed. Their expertise and immediate availability of specialist equipment ensured that the works were completed on schedule and won us further larger contracts on this site.

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