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Narrow Win Over Spirited Taylor Wimpey

ECL’s Annual Cricket Match



After its debut season last year, The ECL Cricket Day at Kislingbury was back for a second term, but this time served in a slightly different format.

The previous year saw ECL’s commercial division win the inaugural company competition, beating the construction division in what some may term a slightly biased and uneven match.

This year Taylor Wimpey got the big boys out and rose to challenge the ECL team in a game of 100.

Having lost the toss, Taylor Wimpey was put to bat. With Marcus Knight bowling and Steve Tysoe as wicket-keeper, the deadly duo quickly wiped out Taylor Wimpey’s opening and best batsman, Rob Parker, with the first ball of the game.

Despite an early injury (hamstring), Sean Still had bouts of superb bowling (or dubious), and Kai McArthur and Dave Fil kept the Taylor Wimpey boys on their toes with a couple of impressive catches. The outfield players did some excellent fielding, and Ian Johnson (the oldest by age only) showed great agility with a sensational catch of the game. Johnson somehow managed to leap up and grab the cricket ball one-handed whilst diving backward. Onlookers cheered with admiration as Johnson tumbled to the ground with his hand firmly gripped on the ball.
One hundred balls on, and the Taylor Wimpey team scored an impressive 105.

After, what felt like hours into play, Ian had used up a lot of balls and failed to score anything more than 5. Taylor Wimpey recognised Johnson’s worth and tactically kept him in. Outside the field were screams and cries from ECL spectators and the team, but our Achilles heel kept using up bowls and scoring very little. Finally, after 60 balls and a score of just 40, and with Taylor Wimpey looking like they could snatch the win, Dave Fil came to the rescue. His focus, remove Johnson from the field.

With a first attempt failure of Taylor Wimpey missing the stumps on a run out (some say on purpose!) Dave managed to run Ian out, for the sake of the team, to throw Johnson into early retirement.

With ECL tallying just 71 runs (Pat and Dave scored 25 each, and Ian 21), it was left to Marcus Knight and Steve Tysoe to bring home the win with just five balls to spare.

The final score stood at Taylor Wimpey with 105 after 100 balls and ECL with 106 runs after 95 balls.

Taylor Wimpey was a worthy contender, only narrowly defeated in the game’s last moments.

Both teams exited the field in a friendly spirit and were welcomed by their workmate spectators, a best of British BBQ, and well-deserved drinks served by our friendly team at Kislingbury Cricket Club.

Thanks to everyone at Kislingbury Cricket Club who helped prepare and catered for the event. And to all who attended at Taylor Wimpey for a superb game of cricket. We look forward to seeing you back on the pitch next year.

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