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Just Released – Our Summer 2022 Newsletter

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Dear Reader,

It’s incredible to think that six months have already passed since our last ‘Groundbreaking’ company newsletter.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from both the ECL team and our clients on the last two editions, making the effort it takes to produce it really worthwhile. I hope you enjoy this one just as much!

In this edition, Sean and I wanted to mainly focus on activities that aren’t perhaps as evident as our core activities. We also wanted to acknowledge some of our co-workers across the business who have shown great loyalty and commitment and who ultimately help us deliver phenomenal service to our clients.

Our greatest asset is the ECL team. We are particularly proud of how we come together, working collaboratively for the most remarkable results. This ability to work together when it matters most allows us to innovate and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in civil engineering.

And innovation goes far beyond merely expanding our capacity to deliver schemes. It allows us to make significant improvements on both an environmental and safety level.

As a company, we are working hard to consider our impact in all we do to reduce our ecological footprint and evolve towards a more energy-efficient business.  

From a Health and Safety perspective, the safety of everyone remains our top priority. Our team are forever seeking new advances to enhance safety practices and strive to create a 100% safety record culture.

The company is committed to making a difference at all levels through innovation, health and safety and carbon offsetting. I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire workforce for helping make that difference.

I wish all our readers, ECL operatives, and their families all the best for the coming year.


Search for local ECL works/news in your area

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