Can you spot the 13 Safety Hazards Below?

Health and Safety Hazards on Construction Sites

Take part in ECL’s Health & Safety awareness competition and have a chance to  WIN A £100 AMAZON VOUCHER


Why not take part in ECL’s Spot the safety hazards competition! You may just win a £100 Voucher.

There will be two separate prize draws for this competition, one for the general public and one for ECL employees, so everyone is welcome to enter. And each winner will receive an Amazon voucher worth £100!

To enter, all you need to do is prove your health and safety knowledge by finding each of the safety hazards on the image above and spotting where Sean (our Director Sean Hoare) is hiding. 


How to Submit your Entry?

To submit your entry you need to…

STEP 1 – Complete the form below

Fill in our competition form below and upload a photo of the picture with the hazards you’ve spotted clearly marked out.

STEP 2 – Follow us on Instagram

You’ll also need to follow our Instagram account where we will announce and contact the winners.

The winners will be announced in November 2021, so make sure you get your entry submitted in good time.

This competition is a fun way to approach a very serious topic which we never take lightly.

Click here for the full terms and conditions of the competition.

Need a little help?  Check out our blog post on Safety Hazards in Construction

Good Luck 🙂


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Enter our competition for a chance to win a £100 Amazon Voucher