Staple Lane, Middlebeck

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Here, you’ll find the latest news, developments and information on the progress we are making at Staple Lane, Middlebeck, on behalf of Urban&Civic.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality construction solutions while securing the local community’s welfare and safety.

We are committed to working closely with you as a community, and our team are here to provide support to address any concerns you may have to ensure this project is a success for all.

To keep up-to-date with all works or raise a concern, please get in touch.


Works to Staple Lane will commence on the 21st August 2023 until November 2024.

The diagram below shows the diversion details at both ends of Staple Lane. Click here for further information.

Staple lane closure


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ROAD CLOSURES - Answers to your Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding road closures. We hope they help answer any questions you have.


What is the difference between the work area and the road closure area? 

The work area is the section of the road where our operatives will be working. The road closure area often extends beyond this to manage through traffic and divert it onto an alternative route. 

In our letter notifying you about the road closure and in our online road closure notice, there will be a map which indicates both the work and road closure areas and if these are different. 

Who can I contact for more information about the roadwork?

All enquiries can be submitted to our Customer Care Division. You can send your enquiry online or by phone during working hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm).

Can we drive back and forth from our property while the road is closed? 

As the work involves hot asphalt and large equipment, we cannot guarantee access to properties in the work area. Therefore, if you usually drive into or out of the work area during the hours when the closure is in place, please make alternative arrangements. However, we will do all we can to provide access to residents and businesses in the road closure area, which extends beyond the work area. 

Can I walk through the road closure? 

Pedestrian access should be maintained at all times. 

Why can’t you do this work at night? 

We always consider night working as an option, but it is often not feasible due to environmental restrictions related to noise, particularly in residential areas. 

Where can I park while the road is closed? 

If you usually park on the road within the work area, you will need to find alternative parking nearby during the hours of the road closure. Off-road parking will not be affected. However, we cannot guarantee access in or out during our work hours. Parking on or off-road in the road closure area (where it extends beyond the work area) should be possible, but please check with the gateman. 

We are a business. How will staff/customers/deliveries be able to get through? 

Please encourage staff and customers to park nearby and use the pedestrian access. Unfortunately, if your business is inside the work area, we cannot guarantee access during our work hours and ask you to make alternative arrangements. If your business is in the road closure area but outside the work area, please speak to the gateman who will assist with essential access and deliveries. 

I’m expecting a delivery to my home during this period – will it get to me? 

Delivery drivers are often happy to park nearby and use pedestrian access to make their delivery. However, to avoid disappointment, please consider rearranging any deliveries for after the work is finished or outside the hours of closure. 

I’m disabled and need vehicular access to my property – can this be accommodated? 

Please call our Customer Care Division with details of your requirements or if work is already underway, please let our gatemen or the site manager know your circumstances, and they will do all they can to assist. 

We are expecting home visits from a carer/district nurse/midwife. Will they be able to get through? 

Please call our Customer Care Division with details of your requirements or, if work is already underway, please let our gatemen or the site manager know your circumstances and they will do all they can to assist. Also, let your carer/district nurse/midwife know about the road closure, as they may need to allow extra time for the visit in case of delays, and they may need to park and use pedestrian access. 

What will happen to the buses while the road is closed? 

We notify the bus companies about road closures well in advance. As a result, they will have arranged alternative routes. Please get in touch with your bus operator for more details. 

How will our rubbish and recycling be collected?

Your refuse collector will have been advised of the closure well in advance and should have made alternative collection arrangements. Please get in touch with your refuse collector for more details.

How can I get information on what works are happening in the future?

For regular updates on work progress in your area, you can sign-up to our newsletter or visit this page on our website, which is continually updated with work progress and notices.



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